Harvestella Mage Echo Stone | How to Get

As you climb through the ranks and levels of Harvestella, you’ll inevitably run into a new type of requirement. Each job requires an Echo Stone once you reach the endgame, which will get you the strongest skills that the class can offer. For most classes, this stone is rewarded to players for reaching high friendship levels with the character that provided the class to you. However, the Mage Echo Stone is different. In order to obtain this item, you will need some specific upgrades. If you want to know what you need, we can help you out.

How to Get the Mage Echo Stone in Harvestella

How to Get the Mage Echo Stone in Harvestella

The Mage Echo Stone is located near your starting farm in Harvestella. In order to access it, you will need a Level 2 Bomb and a Level 2 Repair Kit. This means that you’ll need to get through Chapter 5 to unlock the Mage Echo Stone, since that is the only point where the level 2 bomb is unlocked. This stone is located in a chest in the northeast of your farm behind the animal pens.

The large stone that protects the Mage Echo stone is located just behind your animal pens. You will be waiting until Chapter 5 before you can even unlock this stone. That means that, if you like how the Mage fights, you’ll want to do a ton of story quests. It’s not a bad idea to do that anyways, since the fairies will get you new content for playing through the story.

The Level 2 Bomb and Repair kit are both needed to unlock the Fighter Echo Stone as well. For that stone, you’ll need to head south-east of your farm. Look for the two big blue crystals to find the cave that the Fighter Echo Stone is located in.

These two echo stones are different from the others. Other classes give you stones by befriending your class’s mentor. So, it is recommended that you farm friendship while going through story, since these two stones only require a crafting recipe.