Harvestella Samurai Job | How to Unlock

Jobs in Harvestella are an important part of tailoring your character to your preferred playstyle. Mostly because they provide you with skills and weapons that dictate how you fight in-game. Although most of us are familiar with all the main jobs you unlock through the story missions, there are a couple of secret jobs you can unlock to grant you access to some exciting weapons and skills. The Samurai Job is one of them, and if you’re wondering how to unlock it, we’ll show you how in this guide.

How to Unlock the Samurai Job in Harvestella

How to Unlock the Samurai Job in Harvestella

Before you can Unlock the Samurai Job in Harvestella, you must first complete two prerequisites. The first is to advance the story to at least chapter eight, and the second is to have your pet Totokaku maxed out to level five, so it can swim. You level your pet Totokaku by feeding it Totokaku feed you buy at the merchant shop. Once you’ve completed both of these requirements, you’re ready to unlock the Samurai Job.

To unlock the Samurai Job, you need three items. The first is the Old Scabbard which you can find at the Castle of Illusion. Once there, warp to the Orbital Cradle, then head to the V Empireo floor. It will be secured behind a password-protected door on this level. The unlock code is 0726, and the Old Scabbard is in a chest behind the door.

The next second item is a key card that you need to acquire the third item. To get it, you’ll need to use your Totokaku to swim. On the shore below the Castle of Illusion, to the left of the land bridge and to the right of the coastal town, you’ll notice a small dip in the land. You can mount your Totokaku and swim through the canals here. Pass through the first land bridge, then past the Castle of Illusion, and through the second land bridge. When you reach the clearing, take a sharp right and follow the shore to a small beach tucked around the corner.

Have your Totokaku dig a hole on this beach. This will reveal the entrance to a hidden cave, enter and you’ll find a level 50 Fear sitting in there. Once you defeat him, a chest will appear with the key card inside. Now onto the last item, the Broken Katana.

To get the Broken Katana, warp to the Astrum Helix Research Facility from Lost Gaia. Once there, interact with the Motus Monolite to warp to III Seraph Memorial Garden. Then take the elevator to the III Upper Layer. Now there will be a marked area on your mini-map (just left of the elevator), where you use the key card. In that room, you’ll find the Broken Katana. Now that you have all three items, you can actually unlock the Samurai Job.

The final step in unlocking the Samurai Job is to locate the mysterious person. To find them, return to Lost Gaia and warp to Phantasmagoria. Enter your world map, then cross the bridge to the left of Phantasmagoria and take the right exit past the spiral tower. Take your first left past the spiral tower, then follow that road to the tallest rectangular building next to the shore. It will be directly in line with the spiral tower. The mysterious person will be hiding in front of it, so you won’t be able to see them, but a “talk” window will appear.

This will unlock the Samurai Job, and the Broken Scabbard and Katana will magically be fixed as well. As a token of your hard work, the mysterious person will let you keep both the Scabbard and Katana. Now you can wield these weapons in-game, and gain access to other abilities of the Samurai Job.

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