Harvestella Unicorn Location | Where to Find

If you want to unlock the Mage Job in Harvestella, then you’ll have to beat the Unicorn. This is one of the game’s first mini-bosses. Although the Unicorn isn’t directly hostile, he is on a mission to find his princess, and he’s convinced that you and Dianthus are a threat to this mission, preventing him to complete it successfully. This is where he’ll challenge you to an inevitable fight. If you end up on the winning side of this fight, you’ll unlock the Mage job. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to find and beat the Unicron in Harvestella.

Where to Find the Unicorn in Harvestella

Where to Find the Unicorn in Harvestella

To find the Unicorn in Harvestella, you must reach the Crimson Cascade in Higan Canyon. After entering Higan Canyon, you’ll need to continue onward to Scarlet Gorge. The entrance to Crimson Cascade is on the northernmost side of Scarlet Gorge, and you’ll know you’re in the right place when you’re traversing up a winding and linear pathway to the summit. At the very top is Crimson Cascade, which is the first location you’ll come across the Unicorn.

Once you enter Crimson Cascade, you’ll get a cutscene with the Unicorn, who will explain his mission and why he must fight you to complete it. This is where the inevitable fight to defeat the Unicorn takes place. Understanding the Unicorn’s two attacks and their patterns is the key to defeating him. The first is Lightning Strike, in which he raises his head and activates an orange circle on the ground, where lightning bolts land. This orange circle will follow you for a short time before activating, so try to stay near the edges so you can quickly dodge out of it.

The Unicorn’s second attack is his Horn Uppercut. This sends the Unicorn charging at players with his horns for a melee attack. This will activate when you get in close to deal melee damage yourself. So, in the same fashion as many souls-like games, don’t get greedy and walk away with your one or two hits. Then, time out the ranged Lightning Strike and return for a few more hits before he activates his Horn Uppercut again. It will take some time, but following this pattern will allow you to defeat the Unicorn.

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