Hideo Kojima Reminds Us That P.T. Was Lost Eight Years Ago

It’s painful for an artist when a project is never completed, and Hideo Kojima has certainly felt that sting. Since Konami and Kojima parted ways, the world-renowned game creator has lost control over a lot of IPs, including the highly popular P.T., which launched eight years ago. It was meant to act as a demo or prologue of sorts, but quickly captivated gaming audiences around the world. Sadly, it was soon lost — never fully developed, and even the demo disappeared. But that’s not to say that it’s been forgotten.

P.T. Reaches Its Eighth Anniversary

Konami became one of the biggest gaming companies in the world due to to the mind of Hideo Kojima. When they split, Kojima had to give up control in several major properties, including Metal Gear and Silent Hill. This meant that anything he may have had in the works that was even remotely related to either series would be taken from him, such as the horror-inducing P.T. Released in 2014, this short game wasn’t marketed heavily, but quickly spread through the community like wildfire. It was to act as a preview to a game called Silent Hills, the next entry in the series. As the dev commemorates what might have been, the event has drawn some big names including award-winning director Guillermo del Toro who decided to share his critique of Konami in the short but succinct statement, “FK”.

Though simple in theory, what made P.T. so successful what was lying below the surface. The game was set in a seemingly normal house with the main character being limited to the hallway. As the player guided the character through, they would notice things, hear sounds, and be observed as they found themselves caught in an endless loop. The goal was to try and break out of the loop while the ghost of a murdered woman tried to keep them trapped.

P.T. came out in 2014 to overwhelming praises and excitement for the game it would bring. That same year, the dream died and Kojima remembers that today.