High On Life A Starfish is Born Achievement | How to Complete

Players can be responsible for the rise of a famous alien musician in High On Life if they choose to explore the world. This comes in the form of the “A Starfish is Born” achievement, which simply details “Watch Globo’s rise to fame”. Globo is the alien musician with a butt for a face that you can meet in Blim City. He wants to play some tunes but doesn’t have an instrument to get him started. Poor Globo, if only someone could lend him a hand. That’s where we come in, for we know how to help Globo climb the charts.

How to Complete the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life

How to Complete the A Starfish Is Born Achievement

You need to give drums to Globo in order to acquire the achievement in question while he’s still out in Blim City. You can run into him whenever you’re working on your first couple of bounties or before. Present the drums to him early on then continuously return to him after each completed bounty. Eventually, Globo will become famous as you witness his rise to stardom through posters and television.

This special encounter in the game features the protagonist meeting a unique pair of aliens hanging around the downtown area of Blim City. Globo’s facial features resemble buttocks while his friend is relatively more normal and can actually translate for his artistic companion. The friend is the one who informs you of the drums, which you can purchase from Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop for only 78 pesos. They’ll be located at the end of the store.

Whenever you finish a bounty, return to Globo to check out his progression as a street musician. Citizens of Blim City will start to gather around Globo, praising and cheering as he plays on. Speak with his friend to see how everything is going for additional dialogue.

Progress through the game and you’ll find that Globo has scored a record deal and a late-night TV appearance. This is all thanks to you for giving him those drums early on in High on Life. Just be sure to return to Blim City after each bounty to check on Globo’s rise to fame. The TV sets around the downtown area will showcase Globo in action, drumming and farting away. His talents will reward you with “A Starfish is Born” for 45 Gamerscore.

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