High On Life All Guns | How Many Weapons Are There?

High On Life, like many good first-person shooters, has an impressive arsenal of firearms. Thankfully, these guns can be insanely fun to use. Even the basic pistol provides some cool strategies for the player. So, it is crucial to gather your entire arsenal. Who knows which gun will click with you in High On Life! This guide will walk through every gun in the game so you know when you’ll get them and how effective they’ll each be.

All Guns in High on Life

There are five guns and one knife in High On Life, making a total of six different weapons.

  • Kenny
  • Knifey
  • Gus
  • Sweezy
  • Creature
  • Lezduit

Below is a breakdown of all the guns and weapons, including their alternate fire and where they can be unlocked. It will also briefly go over the location of their upgrades.


High on Life Pistol

Kenny y is your basic pistol. It deals enough damage to take out enemies from a moderate distance. What more can we ask for!

  • Kenny Alt: A Glob Shot that launches enemies into the air. It also is used to rotate structures.
  • Kenny is unlocked during the Tutorial.
  • Kenny has upgrades in Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop, in the Supply Station Valley Shop on Zephyr Paradise’s Deep Jungle, in the Moplet Mine Shop in the Upper Valley, and the Dreg Town Pawn in Dreg Town. Notable upgrades are in the Dreg Town Pawn, but Kenny gets by far the most upgrades in the game.


High on Life Guns Gus

While far from a gun, Knifey is still going to matter quite a bit. He is your basic melee attack, but he is much more useful for traversing the environment.

  • Knifey Alt: A grapple, which will be used for many platforming puzzles. Can be used in combat if you feel fancy! It can also parry specific attacks.
  • Knifey is unlocked during the 9-Torg bounty.
  • Knifey has an upgrade in the Big Deal Emporium, in Old Town. This just lets him stagger easier. Shank ’em!


High on Life Guns Sweezy

A personal favorite of the High on Life guns, Gus works as a shotgun; short-range, massive damage to targets. Perfect for ripping and tearing.

  • Gus Alt: Fires a disc that can stick into specific walls, creating a platform. The discs hurt enemies, giving Gus an option at long range. These can suck enemies toward you.
  • Gus is unlocked during the Krubis bounty.
  • Gus has upgrades in Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop.


High on Life Guns Creature

An auto-pistol, replacing the pokes and prods of Kenny with higher damage per second, at the cost of accuracy and stability. You will also need to make sure to use their alt-fire often, or else you will do no damage.

  • Sweezy Alt: Blows up the needles stuck into enemies, exactly like the Needler. If there are no needles, it will instead create a slow field. This can slow enemies and parts of the environment.
  • Sweezy is unlocked during the Douglas bounty.
  • Sweezy has upgrades in Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop. They also have a mod in the Mine Shaft called the Summoning Portal Mod. This is after the Volleyball court. From what we’ve found so far, this is the only optional upgrade that isn’t bought. That’s basically saving money.


Creature is the weird weapon of your guns in High On Life. He launches his babies as bullets, working as a strange assault rifle. The babies “home” onto targets.

  • Creature Alt: Launches a baby to hypnotize an opponent and bypass electrical boxes. The opponent serves well as a distraction and improves damage during combat scenarios. The electrical boxes will come up often as a puzzle.
  • Creature is unlocked during the Nipulon bounty.
  • Creature has upgrades in Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop.


Alright, now we’re talking! Lezduit acts as your BFG, a plasma canon that shocks many foes in front of you. Unfortunately, this absolute beast of a gun is only found at the end of the game. But, nobody is saying that he isn’t crazy!

  • Lezduit Alt: A huge plasma arc that is designed as a room-clear tool. This is probably better than the canon in most scenarios. But, the single target damage is lower.
  • Lezduit is unlocked during the last few scenes of the game, after the Nipulon bounty.

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