High On Life | Are Rick and Morty in the Game?

Squanch Games is here to deliver quite the peculiar FPS experience with High On Life. The vibrant and comical space shooter not only features the expected mechanics of FPS gameplay but also numerous pop culture references. You can discover these through snippets of dialogue and meta-humor that essentially target commonplace norms in the industry. Still, with the title coming from the mind of Justin Roiland, one can’t help but wonder if Rick and Morty are in the game. The comedy and atmosphere are incredibly familiar with the popular Adult Swim show, but are Rick and Morty in High On Life? Let’s find out!

Are Rick and Morty in High On Life?

Are Rick and Morty in High On Life?

Rick and Morty don’t make a physical appearance in the game, but there is a tiny mention that you can catch. Much later in the narrative, close to the final two bounties, there’s a chance to walk by an audio track in Blim City that shares the time slot for the show in question. It was merely in passing, but the line referred to the show by saying something among the lines of: “Catch Rick and Morty on Adult Swim” followed by a time for viewers to tune in.

While it may seem that Rick and Morty aren’t in the game, it seems that the titular show is, at least to some degree. Since interdimensional cable plays a role in the world of High On Life, it would make sense for the show to be a part of the entertainment lore for the game. Plus, with the events of both titles enduring different narratives and consequences, the worlds wouldn’t necessarily correlate, let alone be comprehensive and consistent.

However, Squanch Games did insert another reference from one of their previous titles: Trover Saves the Universe. Inside Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop, head to the middle aisle in front of Mr. Keep and the suit upgrades in the store. The top shelf contains Crystals of Ithecles, a direct reference to the 2019 action platformer. This shows that there’s a connection between the two titles, thus prompting further questions as to what else might be connected within this space adventure.

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