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While High On Life‘s humorous gameplay will constantly have you smiling and laughing, at the end of the day, you’re a certified bounty hunter. That means you have to put on your serious face, grab your talking guns and Knifey, and set off for a bounty every now and then. Dr Giblets is one bounty that has been causing problems for many players. He is not only a difficult boss to defeat, but he can also be difficult to locate. That is why, in this guide, we will show you where to find DR. Giblets. Keep reading on to find out!

Where to Find Dr Giblets in High On Life

Where to Find Dr Giblets in High On Life

To find Dr Giblets in High On Life, you first need to interrogate Blim residents. For this, Blorto will tell you to go to the store located in the slums. When you arrive, begin questioning the aliens, and the store manager should provide you with information that will bring you to the next mission objective. As soon as you leave the store, there will be a dead guy wearing Mag-boots in front of it. These allow you to walk on walls. Grab the Mag-boots off the dead guy, because you’ll need them later.

Return home and speak with Clugg, who will provide you with the Map Data and the whereabouts of Dr Giblets. Now that you have it, you should use your Bounty 5000 to travel to Zephry Paradise – Deep Jungle. Once here, simply follow your tracker and fight your way through the enemies until you reach Dr Giblets base. When you’re in the base, you’ll need to scan all the clues in the room to open the door to his lab.

Once you’ve advanced to the lab, you’ll also need to scan all the clues in the room to open a door on the right side platform. Go through this door and follow the walkway to the roof. The building that’s directly ahead of you on the roof holds Dr Giblet. Simply walk up and into it and you’ll get the cutscene that triggers the boss fight. He’s known to be one of the harder bosses you’ll fight in the game, so make sure you’re ready to go before you jump into combat. At that point, it all comes down to you, your talking guns, and Knifey to take down the bounty.

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