High On Life Gene Location | Where to Find

Upon entering Blim City in High On Life, you’ll find yourself totally enthralled by the vibrant alien city. A bustling location filled with similarities and differences that one can’t help but compare to. As we walk out of our transported home, Kenny informs us of the famous Gene Zaroothian, a bounty hunter that can help us out in this strange world. But where can we find him? We’re not in Kansas anymore, you know.

Where to Find Gene in High On Life

Where to Find Gene in High On Life

Gene is actually sleeping on a bench near the front of your home. Look over at the alien-like plaza/billboard with green creatures and an advertisement for Gene Zaroothian, a purple individual in armor. Start heading over there, but stop and speak with the purple alien sitting on a bench to the right. He’ll tell you that he recently saw him sleeping on a bench nearby. Gene can be found to the left of the purple alien across the railing.

Speaking with other NPCs sauntering around might have a comment or two about Gene, with almost zero praise for the alien. He’s not so popular with the crowd.

That’s right, Gene Zaroothian isn’t what he used to be; his glory days are over. The once-famous bounty hunter has been reduced to eviction and homelessness, coupled with a pair of amputated legs. His belongings are scattered around him, including the bounty hunter suit that you will eventually equip.

Upon approaching him, Kenny will initiate a conversation to get things moving. A deal will come into play where Gene essentially moves into your beautiful home in exchange for the suit. This is the natural progression of the game, so be ready to welcome a new roommate to keep Lizzie company while you’re out collecting flesh for pesos.

Bringing Gene home will commence your bounty-hunting adventures thanks to his donated tech. Your home is also where you’ll be able to watch 1994’s Tammy and the T-Rex in the living room next to the bounty hunter machine.