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One tricky achievement that many players will possibly miss out on is “Gunning For Your Job” in High On Life. The description for this specific achievement reads: “Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.” It may seem fairly straightforward, but players have noted its inclusion in the game for being elusive. This comes at the time when you’re selecting your early bounties, which involves 9-Torg, Krubis, and Douglas. So, where exactly does Sweezy play into this whole scenario? When do we use her to boss around some Moplets? Keep reading onward to see how!

How to Unlock the Gunning For Your Job Achievement in High On Life

How to Unlock the Gunning For Your Job Achievement in High On Life

You need to acquire Sweezy during the Douglas bounty before proceeding onto the Krubis target. During the latter’s bounty adventure, you’ll enter an administrative office being run by Moplets. Equip Sweezy before you enter the office. Helen, the receptionist, will then ask you if you’re the new hire or the new boss. Declare that you are the new boss, with Sweezy speaking on your behalf. What ensues next is a small series of demands from Sweezy as she proceeds to boss the Moplets around. Exhaust the options, and the achievement will be yours.

“Gunning For Your Job” is a missable achievement that rewards the player with 20 Gamerscore. If you kill Krubis before Douglas, you’ll skip over the opportunity to be a temporary manager for the Moplets. This is because the irreverent Sweezy comes into the picture once you defeat Douglas. On the Bounty 5000, you’ll notice that the three aforementioned bounties are in order, from 9-Torg to Krubis then finally Douglas. Going in order will naturally hinder the chance to obtain the achievement in question here.

In addition to grabbing Sweezy from Douglas, the “Sweezy Like Sunday Morning” achievement will grant 20 Gamerscore. It doesn’t matter what order you go with in terms of obtaining the talking Gatlians, but be sure to equip Sweezy before speaking with Helen. Only then will the achievement come your way. Also, this won’t be the last time you see Helen in High On Life. Keep an eye out for her later in the game as you continue to collect your space bounties.

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