High On Life | How To Upgrade Weapons

High On Life follows the familiar formula used by many modern FPS titles which enter the gaming scene. Players charge up attacks as they face off against different types of enemies, traverse unique lands for special loot and gear, and experience an original narrative in the midst of some particular chaos. In addition to these, the talking guns in the game can receive some modifications to help you out during rough times in combat. There are a couple of ways to upgrade your weapons in High On Life, but we know one promising location that can get you going.

How to Upgrade Weapons in High On Life

How to Upgrade Weapons in High On Life

You can find upgrades and mods for your weapons inside Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop in Blim City. Not only does he sell enhancements for your suit, but there’s a whole section that’s solely for Gatlian upgrades. These are at the other end of the store, away from Mr. Keep and his petulant child. From there you can purchase some eccentric add-ons for all your talking firearms: Kenny, Gus, Sweezy, and Creature. Just be sure to have plenty of pesos on you before stepping into the shop; the prices can be hefty.

Aside from Mr. Keep’s store, you’ll run into a few independent vendors that will sell only a number of upgrades. Finding these tiny businesses can quickly become agitating since you need to find them throughout the different worlds. It’s best to stick with Mr. Keep since he has every upgrade in stock.

When it comes to applying the upgrades, you won’t have to commit to another step in the process. The game automatically does it for you as soon as you make a purchase. Read each modification and enhancement description before you spend your pesos – these are permanent.

If you can’t recall where Mr. Keep’s store is located, it’s one of the first spots you visit upon entering Blim City early in the game. It’s where Mr. Keep deactivates the suit’s demo mode, and later quests will require you to return to his business. The weapon upgrades in question are barely mentioned, hence why they might be absent from the eye. Moreover, it’s also where you can buy drums for Globo to see him rise as a famous musician.

Occasionally, you’ll run into a luglox that might contain weapon upgrades. Ultimately, this saves you some pesos, but it also requires extensive traveling across the worlds in the game. The lugloxes also have certain amounts of pesos if you come up empty-handed in terms of gun improvements.

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