High On Life Human Haven Keycard | Where to Find

High On Life is a game jam-packed with surprises. Some are more random bits designed to make you chuckle, while others simply net a hidden achievement. Nonetheless, discovering the game’s secrets is endlessly entertaining. That is why you might be interested in uncovering the game’s secret ending, which also unlocks a rather revealing achievement. But to do all that, you’ll need the Human Haven Keycard. If you don’t know where it is, keep reading, because we’ll tell you in this guide.

Where to Find the Human Haven Keycard in High On Life

Where to Find the Human Haven Keycard in High On Life

The Human Haven Keycard in High On Life is located on the top of Clugg’s desk in his office in Nova Sanctus. However, it will only spawn after you’ve completed Nipulon’s Bounty. Once you’ve beaten him, use the Bounty 5000 to access the planet selection menu. Here, you’ll want to travel to Nova Sanctus and select Clugg’s Office. Then you can simply find the Human Haven Keycard on top of his desk. If you’re going for the secret ending, however, there’s still more work to be done.

Now that you have the Human Haven Keycard, head back to the Bounty 5000 and use it again to travel to the Unkown Sector and select Human Haven. Once you’ve arrived here, you’ll want to use your jetpack to travel between the platforms leading upwards. Follow them until you’ve reached the top. At the top, you’ll come across a locked door that explicitly states “No Trespassing”. However, you have the Human Haven Keycard required to unlock the door.

Use it on the door and head into the room. To the right will be a fan you’ll want to shoot with Sweezy to slow it down so you can pass through and drop down. Once you’ve got past the fans, you’re at the point of no return for unlocking the secret ending and achievement. So, that’s as far as we’ll take you in this guide as to avoid giving any spoilers.

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