High On Life Jetpack | How to Get

The high school graduate turned bounty hunter hero of High On Life may not be our best chance to save Earth, but he is the only option we have. And while you can shoot as many bullets from talking guns and utter as many one-liners as you desire, this will only get you so far through the adventure. That’s why, to aid your efforts, you’ll want a Jetpack. You’re probably already thinking about all the situations in which this would have been handy. That’s why we’ll show you how to get the Jetpack in this guide. So read on to find out!

How to Get the Jetpack in High On Life

How to Get the Jetpack in High on Life

To get the Jetpack in High On Life, you need to defeat two bounty targets: Douglas and Kubris. However, you can only take on these targets after completing the 9-Torg bounty. Once you’ve taken Douglas and Kubris, head back home to turn in your bounties. When you do, Gene will sit down and talk with you, insisting you need a Jetpack and to talk with the Mayor. First, go talk to him, and once you’re back, you’ll want to head to Mr. Keeps pawnshop and purchase a Jetpack reservation ticket for 999 Pesos.

Unfortunately, because Jetpacks are a rare commodity with high demand, it’s only a reservation ticket. Don’t worry, though; you won’t have to wait long before your personal once comes in. Once you’ve got the reservation ticket, speak with Gene about the status of your purchase. After you do, simply return home and take a nap. You’ll then wake up on the roof with your new Jetpack that you can take for a test run.

Admittedly, obtaining a Jetpack in High On Life is a bit of a peculiar process. But in a game full of bizarre, odd, and out-of-the-ordinary things, waking up on the roof with your new Jetpack is probably pretty far down the list of concerns you have. Nonetheless, once you do wake up with the Jetpack, it is yours to fly around the sky and take down enemies with. You’ll also unlock the “Are You Packin’?” achievment once you test it out.

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