High On Life Lezduit | How to Get

High On Life is notably recognizable for its talking guns and sarcastic dialogue. There’s no doubt that they are the stars of the show, with each weapon being voiced by a well-known actor. Each gun comes with its own set of attacks and unique appearance, providing a tiny variety to use. As you collect the G3 bounties, you’ll eventually assemble all of the weapons in the game before you fight Garmantuous. However, there is one gun that you must obtain later in the game for the final battle: Lezduit. Here’s how you can get the gun in question.

How to Get Lezduit in High On Life

How to Get Lezduit in High On Life

Lezduit’s introduction will come in two forms: the first being in Dr. Giblets‘s lab and the other occurring back at home with Gene and Lizzie. You will initially recover him after overcoming Dr. Giblets’s idiosyncratic boss battle. He’s in bad shape, but Gene will be able to fix him up. Later on, after completing Nipulon’s bounty and turning in his DNA, Lezduit will spring back into action, though at the loss of his speech patterns. Thus, he only says one thing: “Lezduit!”

Your newly acquired Lezduit is your super weapon, acting as the ultimate firepower in your arsenal. His attacks are merely temporary, for they do withhold substantial outgoing damage that can greatly lessen Garmantuous’ health. With this in mind, Lezduit is only available toward the end of the game, as you would probably assume judging by the time you finally get him. Still, he’s capable of wiping out multiple enemies at once when he’s ready to shoot. After you use him, he’ll need to recharge his attacks, with us resorting back to the other Gatlians to continue fighting.

When you do fix up Lezduit with Gene and Lizzie, you might want to use him as much as you can. Once you complete your final bounty, Lezduit will no longer be a part of your armaments. He’s only in the game after Nipulon’s bounty and during the final stretch to reach Garmantuous. You’ll know when he’s ready to roll out for action whenever he exclaims his own name during a shootout.

In addition to getting Lezduit, you’ll also unlock the “Lezduit!” achievement for 20 Gamerscore. This will be one of the achievements that you’ll unlock much later in the game.

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