High On Life Mods Please Ban Achievement | How to Get

The achievements in High on Life include numerous references to pop and meme culture. Some will be immediately recognizable while some will refer to more extensive efforts in the game. With this in mind, we have the “Mods Please Ban” achievement, which requires the player to unlock every Bounty Hunter forum post. This particular one will reward you with 60 Gamerscore, so you’re bound to put in some hours. Get your Gatlians ready, bounty hunter. Time to get to work.

How to Get Mods Please Ban Achievement in High on Life

How to Get Mods Please Ban Achievement in High on Life

To get the Mods Please Ban achievement, players will need to complete every Bounty Hunter post in Forums if they wish to receive the achievement in question. These work as combative efforts and statistics that count along as you fight your way through enemies and bounties. Work your way through the various forums by completing each of them. You will eventually obtain the achievement after spending a significant amount of time with the action.

The forums act as message boards in the game, with other aliens joining in on conversations as the game progresses. In a way, these are challenges for the players to refer to, with many pertaining to accumulations of enemy kills in one way or another. Use your Gatlians as you check off each message board and forum. Some will not be available until you progress further into the narrative.

You can view your available challenges by accessing the Forums menu, and once you complete them, you’ll get the Mods Please Ban achievement. There, you’ll see four sections that offer different tasks to complete. These include both enemy kills and any collectibles that you stumble across along the way. The comments in the forums are there to spice up the dialogue and experience, but you can see which ones you’ll need to finish up with next to them.

Be on the lookout during your gameplay for these activities. As you continue to play, a notification will pop up informing you of the challenge you just completed, along with some pesos for you to spend. Some will come naturally the more you engage with the alien shenanigans.

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