High On Life Red or Blue | Which Choice Is Best?

One of the more interesting encounters in High On Life is the dialogue between two cylindrical aliens. One is Red, and the other is Blue. The two are fighting each other over who is the hotter alien, with both presenting contrasting personalities. However, the player needs access to the Slums, which is why we need to settle a debate between the two since they act as security gates. Who should you choose, Red or Blue? Let’s find out!

Should You Choose Red or Blue in High On Life?

Should You Choose Red or Blue in High on Life?

It’s entirely up to you to choose either Red or Blue, since the end results only matter in comedic effect. While it may initially seem important to select one over the other, both aliens provide the same pathway to the Slums. The only outcome is one alien liking you while the other will openly despise you.

We went with the Red alien since his reactions were more genuine. The guy clearly needed a break from constantly being let down by his fellow security co-worker. Unfortunately, choosing Red causes Blue to express his contempt for your choice openly and frequently.

When you pass through either gate, you’ll find yourself going through the same passageway. The only difference now is either Red’s gate or Blue’s. It’s really up to you in this matter, boiling down to who you prefer. Red is more reserved and timid while Blue is bombastic in language and confidence. The fact they probably ask everyone this “who’s hotter” question only adds to the bizarre nature of this security.

This decision-making is another jab at video game cross-branching features when the player must make a choice in order to progress. Committing oneself to a path might make one reconsider it at a later time when karma comes around. It adds replay value to the narrative and wonderment about what could’ve transpired.

Whenever you need to go to the Slums and back, the alien you selected will greet you. You might hear a comment from the alien you didn’t choose, but gate access won’t be shut altogether. You can pick either one and still gain an entryway to the dirty and wasted Slums.

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