High On Life Something Sharp | Where to Find

As you move through the early game of High On Life, you will come upon a few locked containers in Blim City. As you interact with these purple chests, you will learn a bit more about them. These Lugboxes need something sharp to open them up, and right now, you don’t have anything sharp! Guns are not sharp, after all. If you’re wondering where you can find this mysterious sharp item in High On Life, we have you covered.

Where to Find Something Sharp in High On Life

Where to Find Something Sharp in High On Life

You cannot find something sharp for the Lugboxes in High On Life in Blim City. Instead, you have to complete your next Bounty in the game and kill 9-Torg. This bounty will grant you access to Knifey, a living, breathing dagger that you can use in combat. Once you have Knifey, you can head back to the Lugboxes in Blim City and let them meet your new melee weapon quite personally.

The side quest is more of a reminder that Lugboxes exist. The objective cannot be completed until you power through more of the main story and unlock your dagger friend. Right now, we know of no other way to open these boxes earlier. You would think that this entire city might have a dagger or something… Oh well! Ignore this mission until you have completed your first “real” bounty, 9-Torg, which you can start by exploring the slums.

9-Torg is fairly simple, since you only have Kenny in your grip. The bounty won’t take too long to clear. And, once you clear it, you can crack open any Lugbox you come across! It’s a good idea to collect Kenny before you explore in High On Life, since you have to stab open most chests you come across. This crazed dagger might look unhelpful, but you will be using it often through your playthrough. Grab it quick and then do some side quests!

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