High On Life To Include Original Cartoons Plus Licensed Films

When Rick And Morty first appeared, it became an overnight sensation. Now, some of its creators are putting their talents towards making a game. Among all the new titles that were showcased this year, High On Life got a fair amount of attention for its color and animation. Well, that beauty isn’t just skin dip, as the newest adventure also contains original animation, including 20 new cartoons and four licensed films.

High On Life Gets Original TV Programming and Old Films

Rick And Morty made its debut in 2013 to very positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. Fans praised the animation, fast-paced dialogue, and sci-fi humor. Since then, Justin Roiland has continued to pursue other endeavors like video games. Over time, this led to the development of High On Life, a comedy FPS recently showcased at Gamescom 2022. Following that, the folks at IGN have gotten a sneak peek at the game’s content to something more than just a game. Roiland and friends have created more than 20 brand-new animated shorts for the game. In addition, they’ve licensed four different movies, again all available to watch in-game.

This animation team forms Squanch Games which is the driving force behind High On Life. The game is a colorful FPS where the player explores a number of weird alien worlds. They’ll have a number of weapons to defend themselves as they adventure and try not to get killed. However, the weapons also have personalities of their own. Clearly, a lot of effort went into their dialogue to they try to keep up some energetic banter. It’s you and these guns against an evil alien cartel with plenty of humor to keep things light.

High On Life will launch in December of this year, complete with all the stylistic wonder it holds. This includes a bunch of cartoons and movies brought from Roiland and friends straight to the player.