High On Life Volleyball | How to Play

High On Life is full of strange items and time-wasters for you to lose yourself in. Whenever you encounter something in the wild, it is impossible to know whether or not you need it for a quest or if its just a gag. The Volleyball in High On Life is such an odd item to find in a store. For a meager 80 pesos, you aren’t really losing anything for grabbing it. But, why do you need a sportsball at all in a First-Person Shooter? If you are wanting to know what this weird item is for, we can tell you.

How to Play Volleyball in High On Life

High on Life volleyball

The Volleyball in High On Life is purchasable from the Moplet Mine Shop inside of the G3 Mine. You will find it as you progress through the mine, as it is in a shipping container that leads to a button to disable the grid that blocks your way. Alongside an upgrade to Kenny, you can pick up the Volleyball here. This item can be used in a cave of the mines, adjacent to the large crane in the platforming area, to find your ball nearby.

The Court is on the Zephyr Paradise World, in the mining facility. In the Lower Mining Tunnels, follow the path to the right until you see a fan. Sweezy can slow the fan and let you grapple to it with Knifey. The court is here, and if you’ve purchased the ball, it’ll be here too. The enemies will appreciate your volleyball and let you pass without a fight. Considering that there was only two enemies, though… 80 pesos might have been too much.

Unfortunately, despite our attempts to melee or shoot the ball, we were unable to get it airborne. It seems that it is only here as a funny distraction tactic and nothing more. Your currently-equipped gun will give you a fun quip, as well. So, if you are a fan of dialogue, that can be fun.

Make sure you don’t miss the Mod in the treasure chest behind the court. That is the whole reason to duck back here!