High On Life | What Happens If You Wait A Full Hour For Douglas?

If you’ve played High On Life, you’ll know that the game is filled with jokes, surprises, and general randomness. However, given the game is designed by Justin Roiland, we’d expect nothing less than it to be chock full of secret achievements and cutscenes. You’ll come across one of these random situations while on the Bounty: Douglas mission. As you’re chasing the bounty down, you’re asked to watch a series of movies, though they are more like instructional videos. As you do, one will test your patience by asking you to wait a full hour. However, you’re in a high-speed chase with the bounty. So, should you wait the full hour? Continue reading to find out!

What Happens If You Wait A Full Hour in High On Life?

What Happens If You Wait A Full Hour in High On Life?

Nothing happens if you wait a full hour while hunting Douglas in High On Life. You won’t get any achievement or unlock any alternate path to the mission, so you shouldn’t do it. If you wait, the game will simply make fun of you for wasting your time. All you get is some extra dialogue that pokes fun at your patience. Your time is better spent finding an exit to get out of the room and carry on with the mission.

Evidently, this is just another one gag Roiland added to the game, and an excruciatingly long one at that. However, if you did end up deciding to wait a full hour, we don’t blame you. After all, it’s hard to tell when the game is being genuine or not. At the very least, if you do decide to wait a full hour, your guns will start talking to each other and becoming impatient themselves. That can be pretty amusing.

However, their conversation only amounts to a couple of minutes of that hour. The rest just sees you you being mocked for your patience in the end. Since waiting doesn’t unlock an achievement, we strongly suggest you don’t wait a full hour while doing the Bounty: Douglas Mission.

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