Hitman Developer IOI Is Working On A Fantasy RPG

When you know how to make an online game that has both a competitive and content creator side, it’s understandable to make a more communal or cooperative experience. This is what’s going on at IO Interactive, who have begun work on a new fantasy online RPG. The studio is primarily known for its highly successful and critically acclaimed Hitman series. The latest trilogy was completely overhauled to critical and casual acclaim as players tried to prove they could be the stealthiest assassins and architects. With that in mind, there is a lot of buzz surrounding this new goal to make an online fantasy game. Here’s a look at the information available so far.

The IOI Fantasy RPG

When Hitman first appeared, it received a lot of buzz for how open-ended it was. Needless to say, it launched the careers of everyone at IO Interactive. Since then, the studio has been almost entirely focused on expanding and evolving the series. However, it looks like the developers are now ready for a bit of change. Specifically, they’re attempting to make an entirely new IP in the form of an RPG.

Based on the details from the official website, this is something that IOI has never attempted before. Apparently the studio is using this opportunity to flex its creative muscles. It is inspired by the “Fighting Fantasy” series of books that have a choose-your-own-adventure structure. The team explains how they’re inspired by the idea of a group of people with various skills coming together to achieve a common goal, which is at the heart of many epic fantasy adventures.

Considering the content in the Hitman games, this new title may be unlike anything the studio has ever attempted. Hitman is a primarily solo affair, where players take control of the genetically-enhanced Agent 47. Each mission tasks them with assassinating a specific target from guests at a club to socialites at upscale events. What defined the games is just how many ways are available to complete said missions. With the introduction of an online component, the structure expanded greatly with players trying to outsmart each other’s custom scenarios.

IOI has made a name on a platform held up by the Hitman series but now wants to step to another stage. Working on a currently nameless fantasy RPG IP, IOI’s Project Fantasy will show players another side to this studio. We have no information about release dates just yet, but it goes without saying that we’re waiting anxiously to hear more.