Hitman Freelancer | Can You Lose Tools and Gear?

Hitman Freelancer provides a twist on the series’ usual gameplay by ramping up the risk. One of the toughest aspects of completing a campaign is making sure not to lose equipment along the way. Firearms which aren’t brought into the field will remain in the safehouse, but those same rules don’t apply to gear like tools, poisons, explosives, or dart guns. Can you actually lose tools or collector’s equipment forever? You may not like the answer.

Can You Lose Tools and Gear in Hitman Freelancer?

Can You Lose Tools and Gear in Hitman Freelancer?

Yes, you will lose tools and gear in Hitman Freelancer if you fail a mission. However, the penalty for campaign failure is even worse. If you make a mistake and fail the entire campaign, you’ll lose every Freelancer tool stored in your safehouse. This includes mines, grenades, remote explosives, poisons, syringes, dart guns, lockpicks, keycards, hand tools, and rubber ducks.

To be clear, the equipment in your safehouse will not be at risk during every single mission. During normal assignments, you only risk losing whichever Freelancer tools you bring with you. Failing a mission does not necessarily mean failing the entire campaign. However, falling in the field does mean losing whatever you brought with you, be it tools, guns, or otherwise.

Campaigns are another story. Beyond random assignments with heightened security detail, the final mission in any campaign carries the risk of complete campaign failure. If you die during these missions, you lose all Freelancer tools, even those you didn’t bring with you. When you return to your safehouse, all of the gear typically stored in your briefcases will be gone.

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Fortunately, no matter how or when you die, you won’t lose any guns which you don’t bring into the field. As long as you don’t take them with you, they will remain in your safehouse. Only your Freelancer tools are at risk when you fail a campaign.

Given this detail, you’d be wise to make the most out of any equipment you scavenge in the field. Especially during the final campaign mission, be sure to bring along any tools and gear you may need. After all, if the mission is a failure, it’s going to disappear either way.