Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand Puzzle | How to Solve

Although some players may find them annoying, Hogwarts Legacy would not be an authentic experience if it didn’t include a handful of mysteries and puzzles mixed in the journey. And, as you’ve probably already discovered, AvalancheSoftware sprinkled in its fair share of mind games to keep you on your toes. One that has been causing many wizards and witches trouble is the puzzle you face during “A Bird in the Hand” quest. If you need help solving this puzzle, keep reading, because we have the solution below!

How to Solve A Bird in the Hand in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve A Bird in the Hand in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve the locked door puzzle during “A Bird in the Hand” quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to move the two pillars around the central piece so that they light up the symbols on the ground and match up with the two symbols highlighted around the locked door. To start the puzzle you need to insert the moonstone into the center pillar. This will then illuminate two of the symbols that surround the locked door. These are the two symbols you need to light up on the ground using the pillars.

Now that you know the symbols you’re working with, you need to move the pillars around the circle to match them. You can use the Accio spell to move the pillars. Starting with the outer pillar, use the Accio spell to pull it around the circle until it is directly across from the key-like symbol. The symbol across the way should light up once the pillar is in place. Repeat with the inner pillar, pulling it around until it is opposite the sun-looking symbol. If you’ve done it correctly, both pillars will be in a straight line with the symbol from their resting position.

The locked door will open once you’ve moved both the inner and outer pillars into place. That’s how simple the locked door puzzle in “A Bird in the Hand” quest is to solve. You can now proceed with the rest of “A Bird in the Hand” quest, hopefully without encountering any more surprise puzzles.

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