Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle | How to Solve

One of the best parts of Hogwarts Legacy is that the game stays true to the novel book and film franchise by including a lot of secrets and puzzles throughout Hogwarts. Not only does this make the school tirelessly fun to explore, but it adds to the immersion in living your life as a wizard. If you find yourself aimlessly exploring Hogwarts, you will eventually come across the Bell Tower puzzle. Though this puzzle does not provide any loot rewards, it does provide you with a melodic one. If you’re interested to hear it, here’s how to solve the puzzle.

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

You can find the Bell Tower puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy in the Choir Room within the Bell Tower Ring. Go all the way to the back of the Choir Room to find a set of wooden stairs leading up to the Bell Tower, where you’ll come across the puzzle.

You’ll need two spells to solve the puzzle: Revelio and Wingardium Leviosa. You can use Accio instead of the latter. However, the levitation spell Wingardium Leviosa gives you more control over objects, which makes reattaching the bells a lot easier.

To begin, use Revelio to locate the two missing bells that must be reattached. Once you’ve located them, simply use Leviosa to grab and reposition each bell in line with the others. You can easily see this for yourself, but the smaller bell is placed in the lower slot. The larger bell, on the other hand, is placed higher in the top left corner. Once you put them back in place, the bells will joyfully play for you.

Though the Bell Tower puzzle is cool, it doesn’t grant you much of a reward. Nonetheless, there is a reward to be found nearby. Go to the very top of the Bell Tower and on the balcony you’ll find a chest and a Toad Statue. Interact with the Toad Statue and it will teleport you to another tower with a legendary chest containing some awesome loot. So the Bell Tower puzzle does, after all, hint at an award.

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