Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl Location | Where to Find

The Diricawl is just one of the many creatures that you can encounter throughout your time in Hogwarts Legacy. This beautiful feathered creature famously appears in the Fantastic Beasts series with Newt Scamander. Even though they do appear elsewhere in the Harry Potter universe, they’ll more prevalent during the 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore, students at Hogwarts can come across some Diricawls during their journeys outside of the castle. Where, you might ask? Well, allow us to show you the way!

Where to Find Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

Diricawls are roaming within their respective Beast Dens throughout the map of Hogwarts Legacy. The icon is a claw/paw icon in black and white. As of this writing (at least until an update or DLC appears in the future), there are four Diricawl Beast Dens that you can visit.

We’ll use the Floo Flame locations for reference since fast-travel is active for students at Hogwarts. We highly recommend using your broom to get around since the dens are a great distance from each other.

Nonetheless, here are the four Diricawl Beast Dens (Floo Flame is shortened to “FF” for brevity’s sake):

  • Southeast of the West Hogwarts Valley FF
  • West of the South Poidsear Coast FF
  • East of the Marunweem Ruins FF
  • Northeast of the Clagmar Castle FF

Don’t be frightened when approaching these creatures, by the way. They’re rather friendly and quick with their feet. If you’re attempting to rescue one of them, use Disillusionment to temporarily conceal yourself from their sight. From there, use the Nab-sack to acquire them, thus adding the magical beast to your Field Guide.

Aside from traversing the lands beyond Hogwarts, your first lesson with a Diricawl will occur during Professor Howin’s Assignment. This particular lesson rewards you with Bombarda upon completion (i.e. the rescuing of the Diricawl and another creature, the Giant Purple Toad).

You can also acquire Diricawl Feathers from the creature in question. It is used to generate Traits and upgrade gear for your player character. Additionally, a rescued Diricawl can be added to the Vivarium within the Room of Requirement later in the game. Just be sure to continue completing your lessons while you fight against Dark Wizards and other wicked foes.

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