Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stem | How to Get

Potions are a staple in the Witch and Wizadry world, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made their way into Hogwarts Legacy. Furthermore, aside from your wand, potions are your best friend when it comes to having a bag of tricks to rely on in battle. Focus and Felix Felicis are two potions players will heavily rely on throughout this sprawling adventure. However, in order to make these potions, you’ll need an ingredient known as Fluxweed Stem. So, if you’re wondering how to get this ingredient, don’t you worry. We’ve got all the details on how to stock up right below.

How to Get Fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy

You can buy two Fluxweed Stems for 150 Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy at the Magic Neep Store in Hogsmead. While this is the quickest way to get Fluxweed Stem, it’s not the most cost-effective. That’s why in the best interest of saving your gold, you’ll want to grow your own Fluxweed Stem.

To grow plants in the game to make potions, you’ll need to have the Room of Requirement unlocked, as well as Potting Table With a Pot for it. Do note, you will require a Potting Table With A Large Pot to grow Fluxweed Stem. You can buy this Conjuration Spell for the Room of Requirement at Thomas Brown at Tomes and Scrolls for 1,000 Galleons. It is expensive, but once you have it it’s yours to keep and use, so it’s worth the investment.

Once you have your potion lab up and running, you’re ready to start growing Fluxweed Stem. First, purchase Fluxweed Seeds, again from the Magic Neep Store, but this time for 300 Galleons. Once you buy the seeds for a plant you can use them to grow the plant infinitely for the rest of the game. So, you won’t have to keep spending money on Fluxweed Stem for the rest of the game. Evidently, that’s why you should always buy the seeds over the actual ingredient itself.

With your Fluxweed Seeds in hand, all you need to grow Fluxweed Stem is to enter the Room of Requirement, conjure the table, and plant the seed. It will grow in 15 minutes and will yield five Fluxweed Stem. It’s as easy as that, so happy potion-making, wizards!

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