Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones | Where to Find

Muggles have marbles while wizarding students have Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy. The simple game of Gobstones involves circular objects being tossed into a target, with players competing against each other. But before we dive a bit more into it, we first must help Zenobia Noke. This young Ravenclaw has had her Gobstones taken away from her by malcontent fellow students who detest the circular stones. Six of them are hidden throughout Hogwarts, and it’s up to us to locate them for the Ravenclaw in distress.

Where to Find All Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find All Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy

To locate all six Gobstones, use your Field Guide to lead the way to their general locations. Whenever your character says, “I’d better keep an eye on high places around the school for Zenobia’s Gobstones,” use Revelio to look around the area. A small circular object should be illuminated in blue after you cast the revealing spell. Once you locate it, use Accio for retrieval.

Since the Field Guide will help you in the quest, we’ll point out the six individual stones to avoid any futile searching and wondering. Evidently, these are inactive stones, which means that their signature rancid smells are undetectable.

  1. Sitting on top of a passageway in the courtyard.
  2. Hiding within a chandelier near the Library Annex.
  3. Near the Floo Flame status below #2’s chandelier, sitting on an elevated wooden support block.
  4. Across the school and inside the hallway to the Grand Staircase.
  5. Ascend the Grand Staircase, then enter a hallway with Suits of Armor and a Floo Flame statue.
  6. Inside the trophy room near #5. It’ll be between two silver trophies.

Once you collect all six Gobstones, return to Zenobia to complete the quest Gobs of Gobstones. For your efforts, you’ll receive the Purple Orbicular wand handle and 180 XP.

Poor Zenobia Noke. A Ravenclaw who is simply misunderstood due to her affection for playing with Gobstones. She wields a competitive spirit, wishing to take on any student who thinks they can beat her. According to Zenobia herself, losing never happens, and the Gobstones will ultimately produce that rotten liquid upon the loser.

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