Hogwarts Legacy | How to Climb the Battlements

Hogwarts Legacy has some of the most high-effort sidequests and extra content in the history of open-world games. The Wizarding World will ask you to bring your all in terms of puzzle solving, enemy defeating, and more. Natsai Onai will be providing quite a few of these varied quests for you, so you had better spend time with her! The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy features the “Climb the Battlements” objective. This can be quite confusing to handle, since the game asks you to pull on almost every spell for it. So, if you’re having trouble getting to the roof, let’s put our best foot forwards!

How to Climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy

When you reach the climb the battlements objective in Hogwarts Legacy, look from the main gate to the right and climb up the debris. This will require use of Revelio, Depulso, and Levioso, so keep those spells on your hot-swap, and look for boxes and windmills to interact with. Follow the objective markers throughout, and you’ll be letting Natty in quickly!

You’ll be able to tell where you’re expected to climb by heading to the right of the bridge and looking for a pile of wood. This can be climbed, as can the stone wall above it. Look to the left and use Revelio, so you can see the windmill and box. Repulso the windmill, then Accio the box. Bring the box towards the wall to your right. Then, use Wingardium Leviosa and Levioso to keep the box right under the gnarled wall.

Once you’ve climbed up, walk around the back of the Gatehouse until you get to a broken window, on the Northern side. Accio the box to get it out of the way, then crawl in through the small opening on the Southern side. Alternatively, you can spam Depulso from the southern opening to move the box, though that is a bit more janky. Depulso the windmill to let Natty in. From there, the quest simplifies quite a bit as you climb to the roof.

High Keep is very notable, since it unlocks the Hippogriff mount. Do it as soon as you can! Natsai should let you start the quest halfway through Autumn.