Hogwarts Legacy | How to Investigate the Goblin Presence

Hogwarts Legacy constantly has you embarking on missions through new mystical lands to acquire quest items, learn new spells, and progress the game’s story. In Percival Rackham’s Trial mission, you learn Petrificus Totalus, a spell used to petrify enemies. Learning the spell on this quest is simple, however, many players are coming to crossroads when they must “Investigate the Goblin Presence”. So read on to find out how to progress past this point in the mission!

How to Investigate the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts legacy

How to Investigate the Goblin Presence in Hogwarts legacy

To investigate the goblin presence in Hogwarts Legacy during the Percival Rackham’s Trial mission, you need to find a memo inside a tent located in the stronghold. This occurs after you learn Petrificus Totalus and enter the goblin-infested stronghold. From the doorway entrance to the keep, turn left. You should see a round tent amidst some ruins not far from you. All you have to do is enter the tent and read the memo in it to progress the quest past the “Investigate the Goblin Presence” objective.

Once you’ve read the memo, you’ll have to fight off some goblins who spawn outside the tent. Following that, simply follow the NPC through the rest of the quest. That’s all there is to it. However, we don’t blame you for getting confused at this point since you’re gearing up to fight some goblins inside the keep. Furthermore, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t really point you in the direction of how to “Investigate the Goblin Presence,” despite the solution being quite simple.

Fortunately, this isn’t an in-game bug that prevents you from progressing through the mission. It’s simply a matter of searching an area that isn’t explicitly stated to be related to the mission. Nonetheless, the solution is simple; simply read the memo in the nearby tent and you’ll be able to continue your mission.

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