Hogwarts Legacy | How to Sell Gear

As a fifth-year student in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to be up to speed with the many aspects that surround the magical castle. From daring adventures to intriguing classrooms, the introductory phase can be quite electrifying. As you continue to learn spells and gain experience, you’ll eventually find your Gear Slots will be all filled up. The only options are to either wear and embrace newly-acquired gear, destroy it, or sell it to a vendor in Hogwarts Legacy. The first two are relatively simple since both are can be accomplished via the Gear menu. But in terms of bartering with gear, you’ll have to step away from the castle for a bit.

How to Sell Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Sell Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy players can sell their gear to any vendor in Hogsmeade and beyond the Hogwarts castle. Across the wide-open map are several little establishments that offer side quests, collectibles, and traders, not to mention the beautiful scenery that you can catch while riding on your broom. Approach any salesperson to start engaging in some sales.

There are two sections to trading with a salesperson in the game, as many would assume in the buying/selling business within video games. The left section is dedicated to their individual wares while the right is reserved for your gear to sell, coupled with information for reference.

It’s important to keep in mind that gear in Hogwarts Legacy comes in a few varieties. Each level comes with its own value, which we’ve listed here:

  • Well-Appointed: 60 Galleons
  • Superb: 90 Galleons
  • Extraordinary: 150 Galleons
  • Legendary: 200 Galleons

Selling your gear is beneficial in a couple of ways that players ought to keep in mind. Of course, there’s the issue with the Gear Slots constantly filling up, which will ignore any new items that you attempt to collect. You can destroy them, but there are no advantages to this action. Instead, it’s best to receive some Galleons that can be used for other avenues in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Evidently, this includes new Gear items, but it also involves plants, seeds, brooms, scrolls, and other necessary resources. Not everything in Hogwarts comes in cheap, even by magical standards.

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