Hogwarts Legacy Level Cap | What is the Max Level?

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive RPG with its main story averaging players roughly a minimum of 30 hours to complete. Still, that doesn’t include side missions, time spent exploring, or crafting potions. All of those are activities in which you can invest countless hours. Nonetheless, this all works toward your character’s level. And, while you can spend hours doing these activities, they will only benefit your character until you reach their maximum level. So, what is the max level in Hogwarts Legacy? We’ve got that answer below.

What is the Max Level/Max Talent in Hogwarts Legacy?

What is the Max Level/Max Talent in Hogwarts Legacy?

The max level cap in Hogwarts Legacy is 40. Once you’ve hit level 40, you won’t be able to level your character any further. That means there is sort of a limit to your talent trees and the skills you can invest in, as you won’t be able to max out all of them. Furthermore, any XP you get from completing side missions or other in-game events won’t reward be beneficial if you’re at the max level. Still, they’re worthwhile if you can reap some items from them.

There is a chance that the max level in Hogwarts Legacy will increase if Avalanche Software decides to implement a new game plus. But that most likely won’t happen for a while. What’s more likely is that the developers will increase the max level/talents through a DLC drop, or the addition of multiplayer. However, there are currently no confirmed reports that Hogwarts Legacy is getting either of these.

So, for the time being, you’ll have to settle on the game’s max level cap of 40. Which, to be fair, is still quite high considering the amount of content there is to dive into. And, you could always try for a new experience by starting another character. However, with a game that has met expectations after such a long wait, it’s no surprise that players want to exhaust the game’s features and create the most powerful wizard or witch they can with no level cap.

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