Hogwarts Legacy Merlin’s Cloak | How to Get

Gamers can’t get enough of Hogwarts Legacy, as the game recently broke a Twitch record for most concurrent viewership for a single-player game on the platform with 1.3 million viewers. However, a big reason for this is the drops you can get from watching Hogwarts Legacy streams, such as Merlin’s Cloak. If you were hoping to get your hands on this limited-edition piece of clothing, unfortunately, your chance has passed, at least for now. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean this item is gone forever. So, read on to learn everything we know about when it will return.

How to Get Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin’s Cloak is an exclusive clothing award in Hogwarts Legacy offered through a Twitch Drop during the game’s pre-launch streams. It was offered once again during an exclusive stream event that took place between February 7-10, 2023. Sadly, those dates, and thus your opportunity to obtain Merlin’s Cloak, have passed. But, that’s just for the time being.

Shortly after the event came to a conclusion on February 10, Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager Chandler Wood made this statement in a Tweet: “We know many of you didn’t get the Merlin’s Cloak Twitch Drop during our streams this week. We’re planning more opportunities for you to get this cloak at various times over the next couple of weeks. More details to come.” With that in mind, we can confirm that more opportunities to get Merlin’s Cloak will arise in the next couple of weeks.

The best way to know when these events will take place is on the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter page. If an exclusive time-limited drop is about to go down, there will undoubtedly be a Tweet made so players are aware. Furthermore, there’s also a good chance that other exclusive items, other than Merlin’s Cloak, will appear as drops. That’s why it’s crucial you have your Twitch Drops for Hogwarts Legacy linked, so you don’t miss out on these exclusive in-game items.

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