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One of the primary bullies that students will have to wrestle with in Hogwarts Legacy is Ranrok. The Goblin foe appears throughout the game, oftentimes with Victor Rookwood and other notable villains. Students will fight against Ranrok, eventually as they complete their assignments for the fifth year at the titular castle. But once the action ensues with Ranrok, some are feeling outwitted by this baddie’s attacks and unique presentation. Before we go even further with Ranrok, do note that this guide is spoiler-heavy. The encounter with Ranrok occurs much later in the game, but we’ll add a spoiler warning just to be cautious of any students who wish to explore the story on their own terms.

How to Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

Spoiler Warning: Defeating Ranrok ultimately concerns intense spoilers ahead. Since he is one of the main villains, we advise that you read at your discretion. The battle’s layout is something we didn’t expect to transpire, in terms of actually fighting Ranrok.

Ranrok has transformed due to the absorption of the ancient power, once held within Isidora Morganach’s repository. Instead of a threatening Goblin, he’s now a menacing dragon, complete with a unique health bar. He’s essentially manifesting the ancient power for his devious means, which brings us to the epic confrontation. He’s got a few stages, so let’s go through each one with the recommended methods and tips.

Stage 1

Ranrok is capable of spewing ancient fire breath and projectiles, with the latter sometimes being open for a counter-spell. The breath acts just like lava, where damage is dealt upon you if you step in its magical goo.

At first, you won’t be able to directly attack him. Orbs of power will generate to his sides, with each one presenting a different color. This is coordinated with your spells: i.e. purple requires Depulso, red needs Confringo, yellow desires Glacius, and so on. These Orbs are essentially the same mechanic from the Pensieve Guardian boss fights that occurred earlier in the game.

Destroy these Orbs with the correct spells. Stage 1 only requires you to obliterate one Orb. Ranrok will then be opened for any attacks by you. Utilize as much offense as you can; cast your ancient magic whenever possible until the initial stage ends. Once it does, Rankrok will blast through a wall, thus commencing the second phase.

Stage 2

As you make your way to the secondary arena, Ranrok will fire away projectiles at you. You won’t be able to deal damage to him yet here, so avoid any counterspells here. They’re practically useless until you get close to him for stage 2 of the boss fight. Just be sure to dodge.

Upon arriving at the scene, Ranrok will summon two Orbs that you must destroy. Essentially, repeat the steps from stage 1 to bring down his health bar. When you do eliminate the next chunk of his health, he’ll retreat, crashing into a big structure that opens the way for the third stage. This is where you jump down to a more traditional battle scene, where you battle Ranrok in the middle of the repository.

Stage 3

For the third phase with Ranrok, expect the dragon to give it all he’s got. In addition to the deadly breaths, he’ll now activate a self-nuke of red magic, damaging anything in its orbital path. This is easily avoidable since the beast needs a quick moment to bring forth the power. It only stretches out to a few meters, so be sure to dodge away as soon as the spell is present.

Now, Ranrok has three Orbs for the third stage. You’ll have to destroy them quickly this time; they’re capable of disappearing after a brief appearance. You’re more likely to be on the constant move here. Ranrok will not back down. Destroy the Orbs, avoid his attacks, then bring down his health bar (which is twice as long as the previous two stages combined).

As soon as his health bar has depleted by 1/3 of the third stage, Ranrok will come to your level, no longer hovering over you like a watchful predator. Further Orbs will come into play, as well as his breath-based attacks. You’re basically performing the same tasks here, just on a different literal level. Of course, since the dragon is on the ground, you can expect some charging and swiping attacks to occur. Dodge these as you continue to fight against Ranrok.

Once the health bar is fully depleted, Ranrok will introduce his final round of Orbs. Demolish these with your chosen spells to bring the boss fight to an end. A cutscene will then begin to play, though some of the scenes will play out differently depending on how you interacted with Professor Fig before the Ranrok fight. No matter what you do, you’ll bring this ancient madness to a close, with Professor Fig passing on to the afterlife. From there, the game’s main quest’s curtains shut, with only the O.W.L.s to focus on, along with any side quests that you didn’t complete.

Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok Ending

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