Hogwarts Legacy | Should You Turn In Sebastian?

Hogwarts Legacy puts witches and wizards in many controversial decisions that will determine if they are good or evil sorcerers of magic. However, not one decision holds more importance in the game than whether you decide to turn in Sebastian Sallow or not. So, if you’re wondering what the consequences of each decision are, and ultimately which one you should make, we’ve got the answers for you down below. However, be aware that this is heavily tied to the game’s story, and as such, there are spoilers below.

Should You Turn In Sebastian Sallow or Not?

Should You Turn In Sebastion Sallow or Not in Hogwarts Legacy

If you’ve progressed through Sebastian Sallow’s friendship line in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll know that he’ll go to any length to cure his sister. He’ll complete his quest even if it means using unforgivable curses to do so. Unfortunately, he ends up dragging you into the mix frequently, which inevitably results in you having to make some tough decisions. The most significant will be when you have to decide between turning or not turning in Sebastian during the “Shadow of Fate” quest. Below you can find out how each option affects your story. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

What Happens If You Turn Him In?

If you turn in Sebastian Sallow during this quest, he will get expelled from Hogwarts. However, this has much deeper implications for you and the game’s story. That is, he will no longer be available for quests, and more importantly, won’t be a part of the game’s epilogue. Instead, his spot gets filled by Ominous Grant. Furthermore, if you turn in Sebastian Sallow, you won’t be able to learn any more of the unforgivable curses from him, such as Avada Kedavra.

What Happens If You Don’t Turn Him In?

On the other hand, if you don’t turn in Sebastian, you’ll basically have the opposite result. Sebastian will still be able in the late-game quest, he’ll be a part of the epilogue, and you can continue to learn Azkaban-worthy spells from him. On top of that, you get to deeper dive into his friendship line and learn who’s really responsible for his sister’s illness.

So, should you turn in Sebastian Sallow? Despite being a good wizard ourselves, we feel you should have sympathy for the Slytherin companion and not turn him in. That’s due to the fact that more options open up for you in the game’s story if you don’t. We’re curious to uncover the truth about his sister’s illness and see what impact he has on the conclusion of the game. If so are you, then don’t turn in Sebastian.

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