Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Den Location | Where to Find

Hogwarts Legacy embraces just about every aspect capable of being conjured within the Wizarding World. Outstanding magic, riveting quests, mystical locations, and fantastic beasts all play vital roles as you go about your fifth year. There’s so much to explore — so much that it’s quite possible to miss some wondrous sights. That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge with the Unicorn Den and its location. There’s only one! Where is it, you might ask? We know where to go!

Where to Find Unicorn Den in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find Unicorn Den in Hogwarts Legacy

You can locate the Unicorn Den by traveling to the southeast section of the Forbidden Forest, between Spinners Cavern and the Horklump Hollows. It’s directly west of Upper Hogsfield and south of the North Ford Bog Entrance, and both have Floo Flame spots to spawn at. Use your broom to fly over to the marked Beast Den on the map to encounter the magnificent Unicorns.

It’ll be relatively easy to spot a Unicorn. Their individual Beast Den will most likely contain only one of the beautiful creatures. They appear in bright white fur with a distinguished horn protruding from their foreheads. Use Disillusionment to sneak up on the Unicorn, thus activating the Nab-sack to “rescue” it.

Upon obtaining a Unicorn with your Nab-sack, you can head to the Room of Requirement to start tending to it. Release it into one of your available beast rooms of the Vivarium then proceed in feeding and petting it. A successful tame/feed/pet will result in some Unicorn Hair for you to take.

From there, take your newly-acquired resource back into the Room of Requirement to start experimenting with some upgrades. It can be used with the Enchanted Loom to give your gear a bit more of a kick. Hovering over your pieces of gear will highlight the necessary resources for an upgrade, with Unicorn Hair being one of them (along with Jobberknoll Feather, Mooncalf Fur, and other beast-based byproducts).

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