Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Tentacula | How to Get

Harry Potter fanatics are quick to notice the importance of the Venomous Tentacula plant in Hogwarts Legacy. The spiky, green magical flora is capable of damaging your opponents to complement your use of spells. But Venomous Tentacula can’t be just conjured up out of anywhere with a few words. No, students at Hogwarts will have to get out of the castle to locate the plant in question. No need to worry; we’ll show you where to go.

How to Get Venomous Tentacula in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Venomous Tentacula in Hogwarts Legacy

You can acquire Venomous Tentacula at the Dogweed and Deathcap shop in Hogsmeade. Technically, it is a part of Hogsmeade, yet its location is set more to the north of the other shops on the outskirts. It’s run by Madam Beatrice Green, a specialist in Herbology who sells various seeds. The Venomous Tentacula goes for 1,050 Galleons.

Your first encounter with the plant in question will most likely concern Professor Garlick and her initial assignments. The player is tasked with acquiring and testing out the Venomous Tentacula and Mandrake plants, though this is merely for introductory purposes.

Alternatively, you can purchase the plant itself without resorting to any farming. Keep in mind that in order to harvest it, you’ll need to use a large pot. 15 minutes will be needed for the plant to evolve. If you’re not in the mood to farm, Beatrice Green can sell them for 600 Galleons per plant.

In addition to the Venomous Tentacula seed, players can also purchase the Mandrake and Chinese Chomping Cabbage kinds while shopping at the Dogweed and Deathcap. Mandrake seeds sell for 800 Galleons, and Chinese Chomping Cabbage seeds are marked at 600 Galleons a piece.

Combat in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t solely depend on spellcasting and dodging. The Venomous Tentacula lives up to its name with its ability to shoot acid onto nearby foes. This is especially helpful in action scenarios where you are clearly outnumbered and need to switch between targets in a snap.

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