Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well Location | Where to Find

There once was a Magical Well near Aranshire in Hogwarts Legacy that coughed a rough struggle. It appears that someone has thrown parchment into the water, unknown if it was a wizard or Muggle. Regardless, we, the brave students at Hogwarts, choose to help the talking place of desire, with the tossed paper now in hand. The wonderful speaking structure expresses its gratitude, and the picture depicts a certain treasure located somewhere on hidden land. This is our guide for the Well Well Well treasure hunt in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Find Well Well Well in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find Well Well Well in Hogwarts Legacy

Players can find the Well Well Well treasure by heading southwest from Irondale toward a ruined site. We’ve marked the location on the map for you, and you just need to find the area where trees are present at the spot. One particular tree will stick out: a lonely one that’s distinguished with white-blue hue highlighting. Your character will even make a comment about it. “There’s something about that tree…”

Approach the isolated tree, cast Levioso onto it where it will lift, then loot the treasure that’s stuck within the bark’s roots. The tree will remain floating while you go after the chest entangled underneath the handsome tree. Your available rewards will be the Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat and 180 XP.

If you’re having trouble locating the treasure in question, there’s a Floo Flame in Irondale that you can use for reference. Spawn there, then start heading southwest toward a Merlin Trial. South of it will be the aforementioned ruined site. It’s best to travel by broom for quicker accessibility, especially when it comes down to spotting the correct tree, which we’ve attached below.

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well Tree

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