Hogwarts Legacy | Which House Should You Choose?

Hogwarts Legacy is out, and this wizard-based RPG is quite nostalgic for many of us! Hogwarts looks beautiful in the modern generation of game consoles, so it is imperative that you explore it! To ensure that you are having the best possible time, though, you may want to ask yourself one question: Which house is best in Hogwarts Legacy? The choice comes early on in the RPG, and it is quite ceremonial. If you’re worried about which house grants which boons, we can help you out!

Which House Should You Choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Which House Should You Choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

No housein Hogwarts Legacy provides any sort of boon that massively effects gameplay decisions. Houses adjust cosmetics, a Common Room location, some access to different students, and very minor dialogue adjustments. They do not have a major influence on story events, your character’s stats, or what you can or cannot do in Hogwarts Legacy. That being said, we recommend Ravenclaw due to its common room access on the Grand Staircase, which is just easiest to get to. Or you can link your Wizarding World WB account to take the quiz yourself!

Despite not having a large impact on the game, each of the house does provide different quest access. In addition, how you interact with some of your peers changes ever so slightly in another house. Don’t let this cause you to pick a house for any reason, however: You will be able to partake in 98% of the game, no matter which house you pick!

The Wizarding World website can be linked to your game, as well. This will allow you to take a quiz, and more readily connect to your house. This is another valid way to ensure that your Hogwarts Legacy experience is personal!

Differences Between Each House in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, to detail the difference between each house, we will have to spoil the single major quest that differs between house in this guide. This will not include major events in the quest, but it may include some information that may spoil parts of the story.


Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor

Gryffindor grant your cosmetics a red and gold color, as well as a lion embellishment. They live near the South Wing’s Gryffindor Tower.

Your companions include Garreth Weasley and Cressida Blume. Natasi Onai is a member of Gryffindor, but you will be talking with her often, even outside of the house.

Their special quest, unveiled after the initial Merlin Trial, is the Hunt for the Missing Pages, sponsored by Nearly Headless Nick.


Huffelpuff’s famed badger is adorned on some of your clothes, alongside the colors of yellow and black.

Your fellow students, including Adelaide Oakes and Lenora Everleigh, will grace you with their presence often during classes. However, Poppy Sweeting, a charming young lady, will be the most personable member of your cast.

Their special quest, unlocked after the first Merlin Trial, is Prisoner of Love. This is a fun, mystery-based quest that takes place in the infamous Azkhaban Prison.


Hogwarts Legacy Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw’s colors are blue and bronze. Their little embellishment is the eagle which adorns the insignia. You will have a common room near the Grand Staircase.

Students that you will speak to include Duncan Everett Clopton, Samantha Dare. In addition, Amit Thakkar is an historian, and one of the more interesting side-characters in the school, since he’s the one with a unique questline for you!

Ravenclaw students, who complete the Merlin Trial near the beginning of the game, will be asked to complete Ollivander’s Heirloom. This quest has players hunt for the titular item in the Owlery.


Salazar’s house is represented by a snake, which will be placed on some clothing. Their colors of green and silver are also important. Their common room is below the Grand Staircase, in a dungeon.

You can talk with Ominis Gaunt, Imelda Reyes, and Sebastian Sallow more easily in this house, alongside other Slytherin members. Sallow’s storyline might be apt to follow for any player, but is easiest to progress by being in Slytherin.

After they complete the first Merlin quest, Slytherin students will become Scrope’s Last Hope, where players solve some map clues to aid Headmaster Black’s House Elf.

That being said, almost all of Hogwarts is available to players, no matter what mantle you hold! Here are some guides to explore, if you want the secrets of Hogwarts to open before you!