Hollow Knight Double Jump | Monarch Wings Location

The Hollow Knight double jump upgrade is one of the most crucial in the game – but that doesn’t make it easy to find. You unlock double jump through the Monarch Wings, one of many hidden abilities scattered throughout the realm. Finding it naturally can be difficulty, and actually reaching it requires a separate ability. Join us as we break down where to go to get the Hollow Knight double jump.

Where to Find Double Jump Upgrade in Hollow Knight

Where to Find Double Jump Upgrade in Hollow Knight

The Monarch Wings can be found in the Ancient Basin, which you’ll encounter reasonably early within Hollow Knight. You’ll need to defeat the area’s boss and use the Crystal Heart upgrade to reach it. Once you claim the Monarch Wings, you’ll unlock the ability to double jump.

Once you arrive at the Ancient Basin, you’ll have to take on a boss fight. You come up against the Broken Vessel, one of the main Vessel antagonists in the game. Defeating it won’t be an easy feat, but it’s crucial if you want to not only progress through the story, but get your hands on the Monarch Wings.

Once the Broken Vessel is defeated, it’s slightly less challenging to get the double jump upgrade. Continue progressing through the Ancient Basin, and you’ll stumble into the Monarch Wings not much further along. Note that you’ll need to have unlocked the Crystal Heart, or you won’t be able to grab the upgrade. This power-up lets you dash horizontally, accessing hidden areas. Use that in these caverns to reach the Monarch Wings, and you’ll easily be able to pick them up.

Getting the Hollow Knight double jump upgrade doesn’t get more complicated than that. The game is kind enough to locate it on the route of the main quest, so you won’t have to go off the beaten path to find it. With the Monarch Wings you’ll be able to double jump, making platforming sequences much more straightforward.