Hollow Knight Shade Gates | How to Get Through Black Barriers

Despite all of the power-ups that the player can acquire in Hollow Knight, nothing can withstand the Shade Gates. These indestructible structures can ultimately block your path if you’re trying to head to a specific part of Hallownest. But, as with any entity, bug, or nuisance in the game, there’s always a solution to seek out. Here’s our guide on how to get through the black barrier Shade Gates in Hollow Knight.

How to Get Through Shade Gates in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Shade Gates How to Get Through Black Barriers

In order to get through black barriers, you need to upgrade the Mothwing Cloak with the Shade Cloak. This ability allows the Knight to dash through enemies and their oncoming attacks, but that’s not all. The Shade Cloak gives Knight the power to pass through Shade Gates, which are otherwise impassable black barriers.

The Shade Cloak is made up of the Abyss, which gives it its capability to bypass through the black barriers. The reason why Knight can’t go past them without the upgrade is because of the Void. With the two spiked openings emitting the Void, the Shade Cloak is an essential upgrade. But if you’re wondering where to get it, you’ll have to make your way to the south of the map.

Located within the Abyss itself lies the Shade Cloak, far to the very east. This will come once you’ve discovered the Ancient Basin, where you’ll proceed to jump down all the way until you reach the bottom. Be mindful of where you land while you drop them, so be sure to use any useful ability to help you down. Proceed east until you reach the giant lighthouse. Activate this, and the light will help deal with the lingering Void Tendrils that creep in your way. You can then continue your quest by approaching the Void fountain to let the darkness take hold of you, thus bestowing upon you the Shade Cloak ability.

Once you have the Shade Cloak, your issues with the black barriers will cease to exist. Simply approach one of the Shade Gates and dash through to discover what lies beyond the other side.

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