Homeworld 3 Release Date Pushed Back To 2023

Homeworld games are considered classics of the RTS genre, but the newest entry still needs some work. It has been revealed that the upcoming launch of Homeworld 3 has been delayed until sometime next year. The official Twitter page for the game published a tweet explaining that this decision comes from a “commitment to quality”. Considering the name’s legacy and complexity of the previous games, it makes sense for those behind its development to be extra cautious in creating a sequel that will live up to players’ expectations.

The Future Of Homeworld 3 Starts In 2023

Originally released in 1999, the first game in the Homeworld series launched only for PC. It was developed by Relic Entertainment and introduced the idea of space warfare and strategy on a grand scale. It didn’t hurt that its graphics were very impressive for its time. The game was soon followed by Homeworld 2 which launched for PC in 2003 with development help from Beenox. Both games were very ambitious and very well-received, giving Homeworld 3 big shoes to fill. This time Blackbird Interactive are taking over development with the publishing support of Gearbox. Despite the time that has passed since the last game, this Homeworld is looking to be PC-exclusive as well.

The third series entry aims to continue the story where it left off. The galaxy has been in an extended period of peace following the end of the last major conflict, however things are beginning to fall apart. The Hyperspace Gate Network which was responsible for bringing civilizations closer together is losing control of its gates and the mythical entity Karan may be the only thing that can prevent the galaxy from falling apart. It’ll be up to the player to take command of an interstellar fleet to fight back new foes while using new mechanics, units, and gameplay in order to do so. There will also be the option to work together in online co-op and challenge other players’ fleets for space superiority.

The Homeworld series has a very special place in many people’s hearts. That’s why Homeworld 3 is such a highly anticipated release. The fact that its team has decided to extend it’s development time shows just how seriously their taking the source material to deliver something that audiences both new and old can enjoy by 2023.