Hood: Outlaws and Legends | How to Upgrade Hideouts

The story of Robin Hood and his merry men is as old as time — steal from the rich and give to the poor. Hood: Outlaws and Legends brings that story to life, allowing players to enter a PvPvE arena and race one another to steal gold from the rich. No band of vigilantes is complete without a home base, and a lot of players are wondering how to upgrade hideouts. After all, the upper class isn’t going to take nicely to you stealing their money.

How to Upgrade Hideouts in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

How to upgrade hideouts Hood

After a raid is complete, a scale will appear on your screen that shows you all the gold you pocketed during the raid. One side of the scale will allow you to put money in the purse, while the other will allow you to donate to the poor. To upgrade a hideout, you’ll need to donate money to the poor. The more money you donate, the faster your hideout will be upgraded.

As you work to increase your hideout level, you’ll unlock a variety of character and weapon skins that you can equip during your raids. At the time of writing, there is no other perk of upgrading hideouts. That’s not to say that a future update won’t add more incentive for you to give some money back to the poor, but for now, it’s solely tied to skins.

Alternatively, if you keep the money for yourself, you’ll be able to purchase different weapon skins and outfits that you unlock as you increase your character level by completing raids and challenges. Overall, it’s a fine balance between the two. We’d suggest keeping some for yourself, but also giving a little to the poor.

With the PvPvE aspect of the game, style is important. You’re going to be racing other players to steal money from an AI, so you’ll probably want to look good doing it. Plus, it’s refreshing to be able to earn new weapon and character skins without having to pay real-world money.

Good luck and happy raiding!