Horizon Forbidden West Apex Stalker | Where to Find

In Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll be using items and resources to upgrade your weapons and abilities while on your adventure. One of these resources in the game is the Apex Stalker Heart. However, finding this item is quite difficult. But once you know where to look, you’ll be well on your way to upgrading your abilities.

Apex Stalker Location in Horizon Forbidden West

Apex Stalker Location in Horizon Forbidden West

To get an Apex Stalker Heart, you’re going to have to kill the fearsome Apex Stalker, a special variant capable of cloaking. This makes it a fearsome foe, but it’s defeat can net you the reward you’re looking for, like other enemies in the game.

To find an Apex Stalker, head to the Lowland’s Path. It’s located underneath The Memorial Grove on the in-game map. Once you find Lowland’s Path, look underneath that point on the map and you’ll find a small area devoid of trees or grass. This open area is where the Apex Stalker can be found.

Make your way there, but be sure to go out at night. That’s when the Apex Stalker is most active. Like you might have guessed, the Apex Stalker is a tricky enemy to fight. Their ability to cloak and drop bombs makes them a fearsome foe. That’s why elemental damage is the way to go. You should focus on the Apex Stalker’s weak spot to deal out the most damage, as well as use whatever elemental arrows you have to take down the boss.

Once the Apex Stalker has been defeated, you can search the enemy to claim your prize, the Apex Stalker Heart.

As for the uses for the Apex Stalker Heart, you’ll be able to use this extremely rare resource to upgrade your abilities, giving you more power from your weapons. It’s very useful for late game, and the reward of taking down one of these fearsome foes.