Horizon Forbidden West Arena | Where to Find

The vast world of Horizon Forbidden West is full of side content for you. Besides completing the Salvage Contracts or finding Relic Ruins, you can also fight against powerful machines in the Arena. This is a battleground where you face enemies from small foes to mighty machines like the Tremortusk! While the system is not new, it provides a great time giving you the chance to rematch some of the worst machines you have faced so far. If you are brave enough and want to get some good gear, you should give it a shot!

Where to Find the Arena in Horizon Forbidden West

Where do you find the Arena in Horizon Forbidden West

To find the Arena you must go to Memorial Grove. You can’t access it before you complet the quest “The Kulrut” though. You also need to complete the “Opening the Arena” side quest before you can begin fighting in it.

To start using the Arena, you must first go talk to Kalla, she is the master of it from whom you will get the quest “Opening the Arena.” After the fight during the Kulrut, the place is closed. However, Kalla says it is an important place to keep the tribe’s warriors’ morale up. Because of that, she is looking to reopen the Arena and she will ask for your help. They need some machine parts to fix a device before everything. Simply bring her two Bristleback Tusks and opne Rollberback Sinew. Both machines are easily found in nearby areas. But in any case, the location of each will be marked on your map.

Once you deliver the items Kalla needs, you get access to the Arena. The first step to participate in it is to choose the level as well as the enemy you are facing. Even though there are a considerable number of levels, you must climb the ranks by completing each challenge before facing more difficult enemies. If you want to spend some time in the Arena, you don’t need to worry about preparing yourself. The game replenishes all the ammo and materials you use during the fights.

If you have already completed the Kulrut quest, you have seen the Arena. This is a side content in Horizon Forbidden West in which you fight against different machines. This is a challenge to those that want to test their skills, just like you can do in the Hunting Grounds. Kill the enemies fast to receive and you’ll receive a variety of Arena Medals. These serve as a currency to exchange for some really good gear.