Horizon Forbidden West The Base Door Code | How to Unlock

Horizon Forbidden West is filled to the brim with mysteries. Going through the west, Aloy can come across secrets that net her extra lore, XP, and even resources. However, nothing comes easy. You’re going to have to put some work in, or at least look around for the secrets hidden around the game world. One of these secrets is a Base Door inside of the mission “The Eye of the Earth.” There’s a hidden base door that’s got a solid treat for players who open the door. However, there’s a number for the door you’ll need before you can unlock it. Here’s the base door code you’re looking for.

What Is The Base Door Code in Horizon Forbidden West

What Is The Base Door Code in Horizon Forbidden West

During the mission “The Eye of the Earth,” after entering the secret facility and being stuck while it’s in lockdown, Aloy needs to find MINERVA. During this section of the mission, you’ll eventually find the door inside of the base. However, the door is locked and requires a code to be opened. The base door code is 9626118.

However, even if you know the code already, the door won’t open. That’s because you need to do one thing first before opening the door. Heading back into the facility and talking to GAIA, you’ll earn the “Established the Base” trophy. Once that’s complete, choose the option for the subordinate function quest from GAIA to take you back to the base door.

Enter the base door, then go inside. There you’ll discover five audio logs. If you’ve already completed the quest to establish the base first. It’s no problem, as the base serves as Aloy’s home of operations throughout her adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. Returning to the base at any time, and putting the code in will still net the player the logs inside, even if they’ve established the base, or started the quest from GAIA. There are still more secrets to find in Horizon Forbidden West, such as Restless Weald!