Horizon Forbidden West Blast Trap | How to Get

In Horizon Forbidden West, you can directly fight enemies or surprise them. The game incites you using stealth showing how powerful Aloy’s scanning is. You can not only learn your enemies weaknesses but also their pathing. By having this information, you can prepare a good strategy. Aloy has a considerable number of options in her repertoire of weapons and tools to use in this situation. Among them, there are traps, which help you gain the upper hand. So, how can you get the Blast Trap?

How to Get Blast Traps in Horizon Forbidden West?

How to Get Blast Traps in Horizon Forbidden West?

To get access to Blast Traps during the main storyline quest “Reach for the Stars.” In this quest, you also gain the recipe to craft them. Traps are very powerful, but you can carry only three of them.

In Horizon Forbidden West, you can approach your fights from two different strategies. You can attack the machines directly with your spear or shoot arrows to their weak points. While you can get good drops by using this method, it is not easy.

On the other hand, you can choose to go stealth and wait for the right moment to attack. That’s when using Blast Traps will help you finish enemies. You can craft these traps by pressing the down button on the D-Pad.

To make a Blast Trap you need four Machine Muscles, two Blastpastes, and ten Metal Shards. All of these can be found on the map or by looting dead enemies.

Of course, you can’t simply set a Blast Trap anywhere you think the machine is going. You can try to shift their pathway by throwing a rock. But it is not your best option. To know where you should set the trap, it is important to use Focus. This is the scanning Aloy has access to. By activating it and targeting enemies, you can see what is the path they are following. Simply wait in the tall grass until you are far from the enemy’s vision and place a blast trap in the middle of their route.

Even though the stealth approach takes time, Horizon Forbidden West will reward you for your patience. By confronting enemies directly, you will need to spend arrows. These are crafted with materials you find during the game. But any opportunity to save materials must be taken. Hiding will also put you less in danger since most stealth allows you to use deadly one-hit attacks.