Horizon Forbidden West Bristleback Mount | How to Get

As you progress in your adventure in Horizon Forbidden West, traveling long distances becomes a constant part of it. While there is the option to fast travel, it works only to places you have already been. Thankfully, you have mounts to help you. At first you’ll get the Charger mount, which is similar to the more traditional horse in some games. After some time, however, you get the Bristleback mount! This fierce-looking boar-like mount will make your traveling easier in the middle of the game. To get is not just a matter of wanting though. You must learn how to ride one of these.

How to Get the Bristleback Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get the Bristleback Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

To get the Bristleback mount in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to complete the “The Dying Lands” questline. Once you get the mount, you’ll be able to ride it anytime you come across one.

To ride a Bristleback you will follow the same rule as the Charger. You need to tame one before riding it. First, you must look for one of these machines on the map. They are marked on the compass by a boar symbol. So you just need to follow it to find a Bristleback’s settlement. Once you find one, sneak behind it until the command to override it appears. Sometimes it can be tricky to override a mount, so keep an eye out for the other machines around you so you don’t get noticed.

This wild boar is a very potent and fast mount. As expected, it also has two attacks (R1 and R2). You must keep in mind that Bristlebacks are considerably bigger than Chargers. Because of that, avoid narrow passages if you are running from enemies. Besides that, they are pretty similar to the other mount. It is only a matter of where you are going to find their settlements. After Chapter 6, you will be in regions where is easier to find them than Chargers.

It is important to remember that the Bristleback, like the other mounts, can suffer damage. You can spend some shards to fix it if it gets hurt, though. Machines don’t stay overridden forever, but you can increase the amount of time the override stays effective by upgrading Aloy’s skill trees.

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