Horizon Forbidden West Charger Mount | How to Get

Open-world games can be very intimidating and players can get lost if they are not used to them. On the other hand, some just think it is annoying having to deal with long distances during quests. Horizon Forbidden West has a considerably big map with lots of places to go. However, the game has you covered with a lot of different mounts that you can use. These will help you traverse the dangerous lands of the west faster than usual. Here is how you can get your first mount, the Charger!

How to Get the Charger Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get the Charger Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

The Charger mount will become available to you through the main storyline in “The Embassy” quest. To ride it, you must approach a Charger without scaring it. It is important to know that it also has attack commands besides serving as a mount.

The first thing you must do to ride a Charger is to override it. In other words, you have to tame one. To do so, you must sneak up to one without getting its attention. Aloy can crouch (square button) which allows her to make less noise. Once you get close enough to a Charger, the override command will appear.

Hold the triangle button to override the Charger’s system. Keep in mind that Chargers are usually found in groups. So it is important to pay attention if you aren’t getting the attention of other Chargers while you try to approach one of them.

The Charger will be your best option at the beginning of the game to move around the map faster. They can also fight, and by using R1 or R2 you can give the command for it to kick close-range enemies. It is a good option considering Aloy can also attack while she rides her mount.

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