Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider Mount | How to Get

Your adventure in Horizon Forbidden West goes beyond the main quests. All over the map, you will find new places to explore and some of them might hide a lot more than you expected. One of these secrets is the Clawstrider mount! To get this mount you will need to go through a Cauldron and override its core.

How to Get the Clawstrider Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get the Clawstrider Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

To get the Clawstrider mount you need to complete the IOTA Cauldron. After this, you have access to the Clawstrider’s override. Having this will allow you to tame any Clawstrider (even the apex) that you find on the map.

The Clawstrider is one of the most stylish mounts you can have since it is modeled after a velociraptor. On the other hand, this mount is quite slow compared to the Charger or the Bristleback. Another important detail regarding this mount is that you won’t be led to it through the main questline, you’ll have to seek it out.

Cauldrons are like small dungeons that you can find in Horizon Forbidden West. The IOTA one can be found northeast of Salt Bite. This one is a Level 22 Cauldron, so it is very unlikely you can complete it early in the game. When you arrive at the specified location, you see there is no way in through the main gate. Go southwest from there and you will find a path that leads to a cave from where you get into the IOTA Cauldron.

Completing it is not difficult though. Follow the path set before you and pay attention to some climbing spots you will need to use in order to traverse the dungeon. At one point, you will have to face a mini-boss, the Rollerback. This machine will use roll attacks most of the time or some tail sequences. Keep a good distance from it to avoid these attacks. At the same time, you should focus on using Acid damage against it.

While finding the Cauldron’s core is not difficult, getting out of it is another part of the challenge. Utilize the climbing spots whenever they are close to you. By the end of this Cauldron, you will get access not only to the Clawstrider mount and a Tallneck too! You will literally walk out of the IOTA Cauldron on the top of a Tallneck.