Horizon Forbidden West Cradle of Echoes Container Number

To get through Horizon Forbidden West’s quests, one must pay attention to their surroundings. Even though this game’s quests are pretty straightforward, sometimes they expect some exploration from the player’s side. In Cradle of Echoes, one of the main quests, you might get stuck if you don’t search in the rooms and hidden doors for clues. However, if you need some help, this guide will tell you the container number and how to find it.

What’s the Cradle of Echoes Container Number?

What's the Cradle of Echoes Container Number?

The Cradle of Echoes container number you need is 237. Put it in the panel to complete part of the mission.

This code can be easily missed during the game if you don’t investigate every corner on the map. As part of the main questline, the mission Cradle of Echoes takes Aloy, Varl, and Erend to investigate a signal. In the location, you watch a fight that is quite surprising considering what you have seen of the enemies so far. You’ll learn that they were looking for an “asset” that is in the mountain.

In the next part of this quest, you get into a tunnel that leads to a facility inside the mountain. Once you start exploring, you are going to get through a whole facility. During this part, you can find a log in which the number “237” is mentioned.

Keep following the tunnels until you reach a panel. After you interact with the panel, the system tells you that you must put the number of the container you desire to see. However, it says there are only 236 containers. If you don’t know the right number, you will be stuck on this quest. You don’t actually need to have seen the log to use the right code.

By putting the correct Cradle of Echoes container number, a cutscene will play showing what was hidden inside. Right after you will face a battler, so be prepared.

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